CONsortium of European Companies determined To Use Superconductivity

A superconductor is an element, intermetallic alloy or compound that conducts electricity without resistance below a certain temperature. Scientists refer to superconductivity as a “macroscopic quantum phenomenon” which most materials exhibit at cryogenic temperatures, and which leads to a number of extraordinary features. The vanishing electrical resistance of superconductors is the most prominent which allows e.g. current densities about 100.000 times higher than copper and the generation of extremely high magnetic fields at only small losses. Such intrinsic performance advantages of superconductors make them an obvious choice for overcoming technological barriers.


The central objective of Conectus is to strengthen the basis for commercial applications of superconductivity for stakeholders in Europe.


  • …is a consortium of European companies with the shared vision that commercialization of superconductivity will translate into significant benefits to economy and society.
  • …provides a platform for industry to exchange information and to provide a united voice on public policy issues of common interest to superconductivity stakeholders.

Conectus members

  • …seek to ensure that the benefits of superconductivity are fully realized by decision-makers in industry, academia and governments.
  • …unite to advocate for key priorities and adequate government support focused on superconductor-related research, development and demonstration projects.