May, 13th, 2020
Luvata Group renames parent company Luvata Oy
Luvata, a group company of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation (MMC), announces it is renaming its parent company Luvata Oy. Luvata Oy replaces the previous name MMC Copper Products Oy, used since the acquisition of the Group by Mitsubishi Materials Corporation in May 2017. Luvata Oy is a change in name only. The Group’s legal structure, corporate identity and the official names of its twelve locations remain unchanged.

May, 5th, 2020
Bilfinger Noell receives order for third superconducting spin echo spectrometer from USA
The awarded contract is for a superconducting spin echo spectrometer (NSE) magnet system from the University of Delaware, USA. The device is dedicated to neutron research at the NIST Center for Neutron Research (NCNR) in Gaithersburg, USA and is already the third with Bilfinger Noell’s superconducting technology. Two more are successfully operated at SNS (Spallation Neutron Source) in Oak Ridge and at the research reactor FRM 2 in Garching.

May, 4th, 2020
Bruker: Successful installation of World’s First 1.2 GHz NMR for Structural Biology Research
The NEO 1.2 GHz NMR system at CERM (Italian center for structural biology at the University of Florence) marks the second successful customer installation of a Bruker GHz-class NMR system with a novel HTS/LTS hybrid magnet design. It will enable new research in functional structural biology of protein complexes such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases, and it will help to soon record the first 1.2 GHz protein spectra of a from the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.”

April 20th, 2020
THEVA in FastGrid project, for developing superconducting fault current limiters.
Within the EU-Horizon-2020 projekt “FastGrid”, THEVA supports the development of a superconducting fault current limiter for high voltage applications. The project team recently created and published a short video explaining the working principle and the advantages of using high temperature superconductors for fault current limiting.

March 18th, 2020
Sigma Phi is part of FastGrid project, for developing superconducting fault current limiters.
Within the EU-Horizon-2020 projekt “FastGrid”, SigmaPhi participates in the development of a superconducting fault current limiter for high voltage applications. The project team recently created and published a short video explaining the working principle and the advantages of using high temperature superconductors for fault current limiting.

March, 9th, 2020
Bruker delivered first 1.2 GHz NMR System to CERM at the University of Florence
Bruker announces the delivery of the world´s first 1.2 GHz NMR system and has now successfully brought three 1.2 GHz magnets to field at its Swiss facility. In late 2019, two additional 1.2 GHz customer orders were received. Bruker´s unique GHz-Class NMR magnets utilize a novel hybrid design with advanced high-temperature superconductor (HTS) in the inner sections and low-temperature superconductor (LTS) in the outer sections of the magnet.

March, 5th, 2020
Bilfinger Noell successfully delivers superconducting magnet to CNRS LNCMI-Grenoble
The superconducting outsert coil (approx. 20 tons, made of 37 double pancake coils) was delivered to the Laboratoire National des Champs Magnétiques Intenses (LNCMI) in Grenoble. The superconducting coil, in superfluid helium at 7,1 kA and 1,8 K, provides a magnetic field of 8,5 Tesla. The hybrid magnet, in combination with resistive insert magnets developed at Grenoble, will provide a total continuous magnetic field of up to 43 Tesla.

February, 6th, 2020
Bilfinger Noell successfully delivers first superconducting QDM magnetic module
The First of Series, of 83 superconducting QDM magnetic modules, was delivered to GSI Darmstadt. Bilfinger Noell is responsible for the integration of the quadrupole module, the manufacturing of the cryostat vessel, and other parts. The modules are used in the SIS100 accelerator ring at the Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research (FAIR), one of the world’s largest research projects (investment volume of more than €1 billion).



December, 13th, 2019
evico presents “The Edge of Science”: Is it possible to hover?
YouTube Originals and BBC Studios present The Edge of Science, a scientific insight into the limits of our knowledge. The science enthusiast Rick Edwards, along with the YouTube scientific community, fulfills his lifelong dream of floating on his own. Together with others, he is experimenting to take off from the ground using only physics. Can they do it?

October 8th, 2019
Sigma Phi Sigmaphi and ARCHADE hadrontherapy center
In Normandy region the 2nd phase of the ARCHADE (Advanced Resources Center for HADprontherapy in Europe) progamme was launched with the capitalization of Normandy Hadrontherapy of €15 million (plus a €48 million bond debt). The goal of Normandy Hadrontherapy, where Sigma Phi is a shareholder of, is to design and build a cyclotron accelerator, which in addition to proton beams also offers treatment by helium and carbon ions.

August, 26th, 2019
News from Bruker on World’s First 1.2 GHz High-Resolution Protein NMR Data
Two 1.2 GHz superconducting magnets have reached full field, setting the world record for stable, homogeneous NMR magnets for high-resolution and solid-state protein NMR applications in structural biology and for the study of intrinsically disordered proteins.

July, 30th, 2019
News from Bilfinger on a superconducting magnet that withstands extreme stresses:
Successful trials were performed on a robust high temperature superconducting magnet under the harshest ambient conditions with multidirectional stressor forces up to 14 times more powerful than gravitational acceleration. The magnet from Bilfinger Noell is dry cooled and opens new areas of application.

June, 12th, 2019
News from Nexans on qualification testing of superconductor cable for HVDC power links:
EU-funded ‘Best Paths’ project has created a new modular HVDC superconductor cable system designed for bulk power transmission over long distances with minimal resistive losses. A test program has qualified the 320-kV direct current superconducting cable for currents up to 10 kA with a 3.2 GW power transmission capability.

June, 11th, 2019
News from BASF on an energy efficient, low-cost superconducting cable at a site in Japan:
BASF hosts the world’s first demonstration test of three-phase coaxial superconducting cable, developed by NEDO and SWCC, at a commercial production site in Totsuka. BASF´s high temperature superconducting wires help reduce energy consumption and costs, the cable system effects energy conservation by using existing cold energy at the site.

June, 3rd, 2019
News from THEVA on a high-temperature superconducting (HTS) transmission line in Munich
A consortium of five partners, including THEVA located in Ismaning near Munich, intends to build a HTS transmission line in Munich. It will be the longest in the world by far. A declaration of intent has been signed, resulting in a development request to the German goverment. THEVA will produce a conductor designed specifically for the cable application.

May, 22nd, 2019
News from THEVA on the EcoSwing story – the final video
As the EU EcoSwing Project ended successfully, the consortium released a final video.

May, 16th, 2019
News from THEVA on an energy-efficient magnetic heater with superconductors
Thousands of megawatt hours of energy are consumed every year in the production of metal semis and products. A drastic reduction of energy consumption (more than 70% efficiency) and CO2 emissions can be achieved by a new “robust and low maintenance magnetic heater (RoWaMag)” to be developed by THEVA together with partners over the next few years.

May, 7th, 2019
News from THEVA on superconducting coils for the EcoSwing wind power generator
The turbine in the EcoSwing wind power generator in Denmark has reached its target output of 3MW and delivered power to the grid for over 600 hours. THEVA designed and delivered superconducting coils, which are 40 percent lighter at the same performance. The project is successfully completed with a wind turbine being a landmark for future energy supply.

April, 30th, 2019
News from CAN Superconductors on the move to new premises
Can Superconductors has completed the move to a new building with new laboratory and office space. In order to meet the increasing demand for superconductor materials, the existing production capacities were tripled at the same time. The address at the new seat remains the same.

April, 11th, 2019
News from Bilfinger on a superconducting magnet for research into anti-matter:
The customized superconducting system is used for the “ALPHA-g” experiment at CERN to perform research into structure of matter. The 2.5-ton and 2.8 meter-high superconducting magnet, designed and planed by Bilfinger Noell within the record time of one year, is using conduction-cooling technology, to keep the operating temperature of four degrees Kelvin.

April, 8th, 2019
News from Bruker World’s First 1.1 Gigahertz NMR in Structural Biology
World’s first stable and homogeneous standard-bore 1.1 GHz NMR magnet was successfully energized by Bruker. The record-breaking 25.9 Tesla NMR spectrometer, that was limited to 23.5 Tesla and 1.0 GHz before, shows technological capabilities in the area of LTS-HTS hybrid magnets. HTS opened the door towards even higher magnetic fields at low temperatures

January, 3rd, 2019
News from SHI Cryogenics Group on highest capacity 4K cryocooler to date
Sumitomo´s highest-capacity 4K cryocooler to date has been added to the line of Gifford-McMahon (GM) coolers. The increased cooling power by 20% is achieved without increasing the cooler’s physical size or the compressor’s input power resulting in a first stage capacity of 42/50W at 50K (50/60Hz), and a second stage capacity of 1.8/2.0W at 4.2K (50/60Hz).


May, 30th, 2018
Bilfinger Noell receives follow-up order for 95 addition magnet modules for the research project FAIR

April, 3rd, 2018
Bilfinger Noell presents superconducting energy storage at ZIEHL in Berlin


July, 25th, 2016
News from ICAS on JT-60SA fusion reactor:
First Toroidal Field coil with ICAS conductors for the JT-60SA Tokamak reached the reactor site in Naka, Japan

July, 12th, 2016
News from ICAS on conductor manufacture for the ITER fusion reactor:
Last European Poloidal Field conductor for ITER successfully manufactured

June, 27th, 2016
News from ICAS on conductor manufacture for the DEMO nuclear fusion reactor:
Nb3Sn conductor for Toroidal Field Coils of the European DEMO achieved record performance

May 10th, 2016
News from Deutsche Nanoschicht on start of HTS tape production:
Pilot plant for manufacture of high-temperature superconductors goes on stream

April, 7th, 2016
News from Siemens on electric aviation:
Airbus Group and Siemens sign cooperation agreement in the field of hybrid electric propulsion systems

March, 15th, 2016
News from Siemens on Superconductor Fault Current Limiter:
Medium voltage SFCL ASSIST energized at Stadtwerke Augsburg

March 8th, 2016
News from Deutsche Nanoschicht on Cooperation with AMSC:
AMSC and BASF form strategic relationship to develop lower cost superconductor wire

Februar 17th, 2016
News from Babcock Noell on Wendelstein 7-x fusion reactor:
Research reactor with Babcock Noell technology ignites hydrogen plasma


October, 8th, 2015
News from Siemens on HTS use in Australia:
Siemens, the Defence Science and Technology Group of Australia, and University Queensland signed agreement

June 26th, 2015
News from Babcock Noell on synchroton source based on superconductors:
Novel superconducting undulator provides first x-ray light at ANKA